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Wild Rice Jambalaya

Wild Rice Jambalaya 

This recipe will yield two portions.
For the Wild Rice Pilaf: 
I cooked

1 cup of uncooked White Earth Wild Rice with chopped bacon,celery, white onion, and carrots.

Seasoned with Atomic Chef "OMG"
For the Jambalaya:

In 2 TBLS of clarified butter I pan seared:

1 8oz. Chicken breast(Boneless,skinless, large diced)

2 Andouille sausage links

 2 TBLS chopped white onion

 1/4 cup chopped celery

1/2 red bell pepper(sliced)

1/2 green bell pepper(sliced)

1 clove garlic(chopped)

1 roma tomato(seeded and diced) 

1 cup chicken broth

After this comes to a boil I added 1 TBLS brown roux, then removed from heat and swirled in 1TBLS Unsalted butter(cold)
SEASONED liberally with Atomic Chef "OMG" and served with the White Earth Wild Rice. Chopped green onion may be added for presentation.

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